The Eterna binoculars is a serie of high quality binoculars with marine-specific functionality and design. Rugged, robust and of course waterproof – perfect in rough seas. In comparison to Eterna Marine 3, the Eterna Navigator 3 has a built-in compass.

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The waterproof Eterna Navigator with built-in compass. With porro prism design and large light throughput these binoculars are intended primarily for marine use. A key feature is the fixed focus – after a one-off adjustment for individual eyesight, gives the freedom to directly focus on a desired object without manual focusing! Perfect in rough seas. Rugged, robust and of course waterproof. If you should be unlucky enough to drop them in the water, Eterna Navigator will float! Bring the Eterna Navigator 3 on your next sea adventure.

Eterna Navigator 3 comes with an illuminated built-in compass.
No need to worry about dropping it in the sea
Nitrogen gas filled.
After initial adjustment, they need no further manual adjustment
Perfect for wearers of glasses

Field of view 116m
Magnification x7
Objective diameter 50 mm lens
Prism type BAK-4
Size 20×7,4×20,8 cm
Weight: 1150 g

Weight 1.150 kg



Three entrepreneurial brothers. One great invention. In 1933, Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström invented the first ever liquid-filled compass, and our story began. Not only was it the first compass of its kind, but is also set the global standard for how navigation works. The SILVA brand was born. A few years later, in 1935, we expanded our business to our new invention, and the first headlamp, Zeiler. We have since then continued to evolve and set trends for outdoor equipment. Since 1933, our goal has beed to develop outstanding outdoor equipment and to always keep moving forward. We highly value the opinions of our users, because without them, we wouldn’t be able to create, invent and develop the way we have, and still do today. We put great trust in our ambassadors, who use our products with pride and grant us a teriffic source of valuable input. Our Scandinavian climate varies quite drastically, and offers us loads of different weather types and environments. We cherish the contrasts of our homes different locations and seasons, and they are our source of inspiration. The dark and snowy winters, warm and sunny summers and rainy falls, are putting our outdoor equipment to the greatest of tests: the constant variety of our weather conditions. Our development of outdoor equipment has made history. In recent years, we’ve won awards for our innovative and attractively designed headlamps, and we continue to push ourselves to evolve and deliver great outdoor equipment. Today, we focus on three main user areas; Sport, Adventure and Work. Each one of these areas are constantly evaluated and updated, for you to enjoy high quality products and always feel prepared and ready with SILVA.

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