Why are Moraknivs' survival knives the best?

Morakniv knives

Nowadays, there are many survival fans that choose to buy Morakniv. What are the factors that contribute in making these knives the best of their kind?
The supreme reason is their price. Even though they are produced in Mora, Sweden with high quality materials, you can find them all over the world with competitive prices.
All knives are manufactured in Mora according to their secret recipe.

Morakniv Products

Morakniv has a variety of different kind of models, depending on what the user wants. Which ever you choose, you will not be let down.
Which products are the most famous, though? Here you will find out and we will explain why these knives are simply the best.
You can find knives for experts and also for beginners. Morakniv has knives for everyone!

Type of knives

1) Garberg Morakniv

Morakniv Garberg in stainless steel is a powerful full tang knife, designed to withstand the toughest challenges imaginable. The blade has a special Scandi-grind, making the knife easier to keep sharp. Also, the spine of the blade has been ground to be used with a fire starter.

morakniv garberg
Why are Morakniv's knives the best of their kind?
garberg outdoorshop
Why are Morakniv's knives the best of their kind?

2) Kansbol Morakniv

Kansbol brings you the best of two worlds. It has the flexibility of a lightweight knife and the strength of a more robust model. This combination makes it a real all-round knife.

A reliable partner in the forest, when hiking, hunting or on the lake. The blade has been profile ground for increased precision and the spine grinding means the blade can be used with a fire starter.

kansbol morakniv
Why are Morakniv's knives the best of their kind?
kansbol outdoorshop
Why are Morakniv's knives the best of their kind?

3) Bushcraft Morakniv

Yet another powerful member of the Bushcraft family, with a 3.2 mm blade that makes for a robust, heavier knife. The blade is made of stainless steel that we have hardened to optimal strength, making it extremely resistant under pressure.

The Swedish stainless steel blade is extra thick to be able to withstand nature’s pressures. The knife’s Hi-Vis Orange color makes it very visible so that you don’t have to search around for it. The spine of the blade has been ground so that you can use it together with fire starter – which means critical fire is never far away. The knife sheath contains a belt loop and clip so your knife is always close at hand.

bushcraft morakniv
Why are Morakniv's knives the best of their kind?
bushcraft outdoorshop
Γιατί τα μαχαίρια Morakniv είναι τα καλύτερα μαχαίρια επιβίωσης; 13

Why choose a Morakniv knife?

The high quality materials and the low prices is a huge plus! That is why most people prefer them.

Morakniv in its purest form. Generations of woodcarvers, carpenters and craftsmen have been using, personalizing and improving the Classic knives ever since. Making it a part of their past memories and an indispensable part of their future.

Is it not a coincidence that Morakniv is believed to be one of the most known companies in the world!


In this post, we had the chance to talk about one of the best knives companies and take a look at their best sellers!

There is a long tradition of knife making in Mora.

In conclusion, each year Morakniv amazes us by outdoing themselves with the high quality that they offer!

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